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Export GUI macros and base classes to the clipboard.
This information is obsolete as of Arma 3 v2.01.146644. Reason: the import keyword was introduced.
The exported the Eden Editor base classes have several inheritance issues. If you need the base classes you can get them here.
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mode call BIS_fnc_exportGUIBaseClasses
mode: String - mode, case-sensitive; can be one of:
  • "Default" - classic base classes like RscText or RscPicture
  • "3DEN" - Eden Editor base classes like ctrlStatic or ctrlStaticPicture
  • "all" - all GUI base classes, including more exotic ones
All modes are case sensitive. If the capitalisation is disregarded the function will default to the "all" mode. In fact there is no explicit "all" mode, rather it is the fallback if the mode is not one of "Default" or "3DEN".
Return Value:
String - .hpp file content to be included in Description.ext, also copied to the clipboard


Example 1:
"all" call BIS_fnc_exportGUIBaseClasses;

Additional Information

See also:
Arma: GUI Configuration Arma 3: Utilities


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Killzone_Kid - c
Posted on Sep 28, 2018 - 14:37 (UTC)
You can use Arma 3: Utilities to get the base class for your mission config. For example if you need RscPicture base, enter utils 2 in the debug console and click LOCAL EXEC, type RscPicture and press Enter, check Include Inherited box, then click COPY. The config is now copied to Clipboard and you can paste it in your description.ext and then derive your class from it.