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Automatically creates buttons and sets them up so they can be used to sort a CT_LISTNBOX. The buttons will automatically be resized to fit the column width of ctrlFilter.

By default, the ctrlContent columns are sorted by lnbText (using lnbSort). If a specific column should be sorted by lnbValue (using lnbSortByValue) instead, then something needs to be set in the data of the corresponding ctrlFilter column (literally something, the condition in the source code is (_ctrlFilter lnbData [0, _i]) != "").

Regarding ctrlFilter:

  • The position and size of this control define where the buttons for sorting are created, thus it should be placed above ctrlContent and its columns should have the same size as the columns of ctrlContent.
  • The text set in the columns is displayed as text for the buttons (the buttons are actually transparent).
  • The control can also be part of a CT_CONTROLS_GROUP. If that is the case, the buttons will be created as children of that group.
  • To keep a uniform style between vanilla and custom controls it is recommended to create a background with CT_STATIC behind ctrlFilter with colorBackground[] = { 0, 0, 0, 1 };.
See CT LISTNBOX - BIS_fnc_initListNBoxSorting Example for a full example including a config.


[ctrlFilter, ctrlContent, columnIndexes, idc] call BIS_fnc_initListNBoxSorting
ctrlFilter: Control - dummy CT_LISTNBOX control used for setting up the filter.
ctrlContent: Control - the CT_LISTNBOX which actually contains the sortable content.
columnIndexes: Array of Numbers - (Optional, default: []) these are the column indexes of ctrlContent which should be sortable. An empty array means all columns are sortable.
idc: Number - (Optional, default: 200) used to assign IDCs to the buttons created by this function. The first button has idc, the second button has idc + 1 and so on.
Return Value:
Boolean - true on success, otherwise false


Example 1:
[_lnbFilter, _lnbContent, [0,1,2,3]] call BIS_fnc_initListNBoxSorting;

Additional Information

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