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Initialises a slider attribute control within the Eden Editor. Can also be used outside of Eden Editor.
The slider and the edit control have to share the same controls group!
Eden Editor


[ctrlSlider, ctrlEdit, unit, default] call BIS_fnc_initSliderValue
ctrlSlider: Control - slider control, usually the first control within the controls group
ctrlEdit: Control - edit Box, usually the second control within the controls group
unit: String - measurement unit added behind the number within the edit box ("%" by default)
default: Number - when present, only the value is set, functionality is not initialized
Return Value:


Example 1:
[_this controlsGroupCtrl 100, _this controlsGroupCtrl 101, "m", 50] call BIS_fnc_initSliderValue;
Example 2:
// Execute in Eden Editor to preview the functionality if !(is3DEN) exitWith {}; private _display = findDisplay 313; private _GRID_H = pixelGrid * pixelH * 0.5; private _GRID_W = pixelGrid * pixelW * 0.5; // Function only works if slider and edit control share the same group private _ctrlGroup = _display ctrlCreate ["ctrlControlsGroupNoScrollbars", -100]; _ctrlGroup ctrlSetPosition [0, 0, 101 * _GRID_W, 5 * _GRID_H]; // Setup the slider private _ctrlSlider = _display ctrlCreate ["ctrlXSliderH", -101, _ctrlGroup]; _ctrlSlider ctrlSetPosition [0, 0, 50 * _GRID_W, 5 * _GRID_H]; _ctrlSlider sliderSetRange [100, 2000]; // Setup the edit control private _ctrlEdit = _display ctrlCreate ["ctrlEdit", -102, _ctrlGroup]; _ctrlEdit ctrlSetPosition [51 * _GRID_W, 0, 25 * _GRID_W, 5 * _GRID_H]; _ctrlSlider ctrlCommit 0; _ctrlEdit ctrlCommit 0; _ctrlGroup ctrlCommit 0; // Set default value [_ctrlSlider, _ctrlEdit, "m", 200] call BIS_fnc_initSliderValue; // Added eventhandlers to controls [_ctrlSlider, _ctrlEdit, "m"] call BIS_fnc_initSliderValue;

Additional Information

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