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Exits the current code scope. Often used for exiting do, for, count, forEach or the whole script.
See Variables - Local Variables Scope for more information.
Program Flow


ifType exitWith code
ifType: If Type
code: Code
Return Value:


Example 1:
systemChat "start"; private _condition = true; if (_condition) then { if (true) exitWith { systemChat "exiting if _condition scope"; }; systemChat "never shown"; }; systemChat "exiting #1 worked"; if (true) exitWith { systemChat "exiting the main scope = leaving the whole script"; }; systemChat "never shown - the script has already ended";
Example 2:
for "_j" from 1 to 10 do { systemChat format ["%1", _j]; // the for loop will cease and code execution will continue after the end of the loop if (_j == 5) exitWith { systemChat "5 is enough"; }; }; systemChat "Complete";
Example 3:
Most loops will also terminate when their scope is exited. To exit and terminate scopes which are called every frame such as onEachFrame and waitUntil use the following examples:
onEachFrame { if (!alive player) exitWith { onEachFrame {}; }; };
_time = time + 10; waitUntil { if (time > _time) exitWith { true }; false };
Example 4:
while { true } do { if (alive player) then { if (time > 300) exitWith // [wrong] - it will only leave the "if alive player" scope, remaining in the "while true" loop forever { hint "exiting"; }; }; };
Example 5:
if (_condition) exitWith { hint "reached"; }; // else { hint "not reached" }; // [wrong] - using else does not work and makes no sense here
if (_condition) exitWith { hint "reached"; }; hint "not reached"; // [correct] - if _condition is met, the scope has already been exited by now

Additional Information

See also:
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Only post proven facts here! Add Note
Posted on 2010-05-28 - 22:15
Since Arma 2 uses Blocks in FSM as any ordinary Handle like while, for etc. in Scripts, ExitWith also only closes the Block in the FSM.
Posted on 2013-08-04 - 12:20
The command will exit the current scope - no ifs no buts. If the current scope is a loop, it will exit the loop. If the current scope is the main body of a script, it will exit the script. For more understanding of scopes and exitWith have a look at this resource.
Posted on 2016-03-10 - 08:31 (UTC)
exitWith cannot be used in event handlers with override ability to simply exit with override value. The following is incorrect:
// INCORRECT USAGE onMapSingleClick { if (!isServer) exitWith { true } };
The override value must be returned in the main scope of EH, but since it is exited with exitWith, it never happens. The correct way in this case would be:
// CORRECT USAGE onMapSingleClick { call { if (!isServer) exitWith { true } } };
exitWith will exit current call scope only and override value therefore will appear in the main scope of the EH, right where we want it.