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Returns all objects of the given type that are currently present in the mission. In some cases, the entities command is a much faster alternative to this command.
Some of the special types that can be detected with this command (and with nearestObject):
  • "" - returns everything, e.g. agents, bees, mosquitoes, footprints, armed mines, ...
  • "all" - more restrictive than "": no ambient insects, only agents such as rabbits and snakes, no footprints, tracks, no armed mines
  • "#slop" - blood drops
  • "#mark" - unit footprints
  • "#track" - vehicle tracks
  • "#crater" - explosion craters on the ground
  • "#crateronvehicle" - bullet marks on vehicles
  • "#explosion" - explosions
  • "#objectdestructed" - building, tree or bush destruction
  • "#soundonvehicle" - sounds created with say3D for example
  • "#dynamicsound" - sound sources created using createSoundSource
  • "EmptyDetector" - all Triggers
  • "Logic" - all game logics
This command is quite performance heavy. Use with caution!
Arma 3
This command is ~5 times faster on a dedicated server than on a client. Reason unknown.
Object Detection


allMissionObjects type
type: String
Return Value:
Array of Objects


Example 1:
_airObjects = allMissionObjects "Air";
Example 2:
{ deleteVehicle _x; } forEach (allMissionObjects "");
Example 3:
_allMObjects = allMissionObjects "All";

Additional Information

See also:
allObjects allDead allGroups allUnits entities vehicles allMines allSimpleObjects


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