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Returns the array element with maximum numerical value. Engine solution to BIS_fnc_greatestNum and BIS_fnc_findExtreme. Therefore it is expected that supplied array consists of Numbers only. Booleans however are also supported and will be evaluated as Numbers: true - 1, false - 0. nil value treated as 0.
Other non Number elements (not recommended) will be evaluated as 0 and Bad conversion: scalar message will be logged into .rpt.


selectMax array
array: Array - array of Numbers
Return Value:
Anything - element with maximum numerical value


Example 1:
_max = selectMax [1,2,3,4,5]; //5
Example 2:
// Same as, for example: _max = _a max _b max _c max _d; // Only faster: _max = selectMax [_a,_b,_c,_d];

Additional Information

See also:
selectMin min max selectRandom select selectRandomWeighted


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Posted on 2016-12-19 - 02:05 (UTC)
Returns either number or boolean value, in case max value in array 0, command will return either 0 or false, which ever comes first. Same for 1 and true values.
selectMax [false,0] // returns false selectMax [0,false] // returns 0 selectMax [true,1] // returns true selectMax [1,true] // returns 1
in case all values are equal or less than zero, command may also return other type of values
selectMax ["",false,0,-1] // returns ""
if nil value appears in array, other values are equal or less than zero, command returns nil