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The Splendid Animation Viewer lets you preview animations ingame. You can use some of the commands listed here to animate the character.


The interface of the Splendid Animation Viewer.

Unit Combobox

With the first combobox you can change which character to view. The list of units includes animals as well.

A, P, M, S and W Comboboxes

These comboboxes act as a filter for animations. Every animation is categorised by its name. The meaning of the name is explained on this page.


In this listbox you can select the animation you would like to view. It contains all animations that fit the parameters specified by the comboboxes above. Double clicking on an entry will open the Config Viewer with the config of the animation selected.

Information Textbox

The textbox contains the following information:

  • Animation name as selected in the left listbox
  • File: Where to find the animation file (rtm) in the game files
  • Duration: How long the animation is in total
  • Progress: At which point the animation is currently
  • Time acceleration: Speed multiplier of the animation


Camera Movement

The camera can be moved by holding the left mouse button and dragging. To rotate the camera hold down the right mouse button and move the mouse. Zoom in or out by using the scroll wheel.


The following keys refer to a QWERTY keyboard.
Key Effect
C Copy the name of the selected animation
X Copy a code snippet to the cliboard with which you can open the Splendid Animation Viewer with the currently selected animation
Esc Closes the display
+ Increase the time acceleration
- Decrease the time acceleration

Alternative Tools