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Here is a basic guide on how to configure your own VR training courses. If there are some community Courses configured, a new selector will appear with a list of the Courses. This selector will have different colour than the official ones.


class CfgVRCourses
	class Default;
	class MyCourse1 : Default
		title = "Course Name";
		icon = "\A3\Structures_F_Bootcamp\VR\Helpers\Data\VR_Symbol_default_CA.paa";
		class Stages
			class Stage1
				title = "Stage 1 Name";
				function = "BIS_fnc_VRFunctionName1";
			class Stage2
				title = "Stage 2 Name";
				function = "BIS_fnc_VRFunctionName2";
			class Stage3
				title = "Stage 3 Name";
				function = "BIS_fnc_VRFunctionName3";

icon: Path to icon that will be shown on a billboard throughout the Course.

title: Text that will be shown ingame during Course selection or when loading a Stage.

function: Function to run for each Stage. Must be defined in cfgFunctions (see the Arma 3 functions library, VR functions are usually defined in category "VR").


Stage functions are typically FSMs (you can get the FSM Editor here). There are certain guidelines to follow:

  • player's starting coordinates are always markerPos "BIS_center"
    • you should use coordinates relative to this one for spawning your assets
  • there is a brief timeout before player gains control in a Stage - you can spawn all your assets during this period
    • you can determinate the moment player gains control by checking variable BIS_interruptable for TRUE
    • any mission tasks or hints should be created after this period, once player is actually ingame
  • there is a logic unit used for icon helper (group icon) - BIS_icon and its group, BIS_iconGrp
  • if player wanders too far away from his starting position, he is automatically moved back - default allowed radius is 100m
    • this can be changed via variable BIS_stageArea in a Stage function.
      Example of use:
      BIS_stageArea = 150;
  • any assets you spawn will be deleted automatically when the Stage ends
  • a Stage is completed by using this code:
    call BIS_fnc_VR_stageDone;
  • always make sure you've properly terminated your function upon Stage end; keep in mind player can fail a Stage too
    • for Stage failure, use code before you terminate the function:
      [] spawn BIS_fnc_VR_stageFailed;
    • condition to check player's "death" or him leaving the Stage:
      damage player > 0.015 || !BIS_interruptable
    • you don't need to call any code in this case, just make sure to properly terminate the function

Stage function example

To help you understand how a typical Stage FSM may look like, here's a link to a basic Stage function (it's a slightly tweaked Stage 2 of the Launchers Course):

The End!

« I hope I covered everything here. Have fun creating your own VR Courses! » – Jezuro