Resource Manager: Getting Started Tutorial – Arma Reforger

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Starting Arma Reforger Tools in Steam starts the Resource Manager, crossroads to all the Workbench Editors.

First Launch

The Resource Manager requires game data and may not autodetect it. Click the Add Existing button in the Projects popup to target ArmaReforger.gproj, located in <Arma Reforger installation dir>\addons\data. Once this is done, Arma Reforger appears in the projects list.

Opening the Arma Reforger project will only allow to view game's data/scripts in read-only mode.

New Project

See Mod Project Setup.


One of the first things to do is to register the enfusion:// protocol by using Workbench > Options > Workbench tab > Register enfusion:// protocol). This allows to click enfusion:// links such as this one: GenericProfileIcon_UI.edds - such links may be encountered on internet, and especially on this wiki.