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Welcome to the Enfusion Workbench - Resource Manager!

The Resource Manager is an integral part of the main "hub" of the Enfusion Workbench. The Resource Manager is its asset manager, which allows for importing, managing and editing assets and their related files. It’s also the place from which navigation to other tools or areas of Workbench can be done, as well as accessing project and Workbench options, build data, package, build project and more.



By default, Resource Manager welcomes you with 4 main sections:

  1. Resource Browser - as its name suggests, this window can be used to browse through available resources from base game and loaded mods
  2. Main Window - if there are not tabs opened, then Welcome Tab will be visible. When resource is opened, it will appear in this main window area in a tab.
  3. Log Console - window containing live updated logs from current session.
  4. Window Menu - in top toolbar it is possible to access all available Editors , options, plugins and other things. More details can be found below

Beside that, the Workbench version is available in the bottom right corner along to which backend (Production = Stable branch, Submission = Experimental branch) it is connected.

Window Menu

Title Hierarchy
  • Save
  • Save All
  • Options
  • Publish Project
  • Login/Logout
  • Exit
  • Normal view
  • Text view
  • Hex view
    • 8 bytes
    • 16 bytes
    • 32 bytes
  • Undo
  • Redo
  • Reimport resource
  • Locate file in resource browser
  • Next Tab
  • Prev Tab
  • Cycle Tabs
  • Close Current Tab
  • Undo Close Tab
  • Log Console
  • Resource Browser
  • Resource Browser 2
  • Generate GUID
  • File system sources
  • Qt introspection tool
  • Settings
    • Reload WB Scripts
    • Clear All Settings
    • List world resources
    • Texture Import
    • Model Import
    • Material Import
    • Terrain Import
    • Edit Selected Prefab(s)
    • SVN Log
    • Create/Update Selected Editable Prefabs
  • Image Set Generator
  • Batch resource processor
  • Batch texture processor
  • Re-Save Meta Tool
  • Re-Save Tool
  • In-game Editor
    • Register Placeable Entities...
    • Update All Editable Prefabs
    • Create/Update Selected Editable Prefabs
  • SVN
    • SVN Log
  • User Settings
    • Edit Engine Settings
    • Edit Game Settings
  • About



Save the file from the currently selected tab.

Save All

Save the file from all opened tabs.


See Resource Manager: Options


Log in or out of the Bohemia account. Logging in allows for publishing online to the Bohemia Workshop.

Publish Project

Publish the mod in its current state.


Close the Workbench and all other open editors, if any.


This menu allows for navigating through all available editors.

Greyed out editors are either already opened or unopenable as per the script base status (non-compilable code).


This menu allows the switching of the current tab's view mode between:

  • Normal view
  • Text view
  • Hex view (8, 16 or 32B)
Text and Hex views are read-only.



Undo the last applied action to the world. Shortcut: Ctrl + Z.


Reapply the last undone action. Shortcut: Ctrl + Y.

Reimport resource

Reload the current file from storage. Wanted changes must have been saved first! Shortcut: F5.

Locate file in resource browser

Show the selected file in the Resource Browser tree. Shortcut: Ctrl + B.

Edit prefab

Open the World Editor to edit the currently-opened prefab. Shortcut: Ctrl + E.


The first section groups Tab operations.

The second section groups Window operations.

Next Tab

Shortcut: Ctrl + ↡ PgDown.

Previous Tab

Shortcut: Ctrl + ↟ PgUp.

Cycle Tabs

Shortcut: Ctrl + ↹ Tab.

Close Current Tab

Shortcut: Ctrl + W.

Undo Close Tab

Shortcut: Ctrl + ⇧ Shift + T.

Log Console

Hide/show the Log Console and its history. Shortcut: F1.

Resource Browser

Hide/show the "project tree" view. Shortcut: F3.

Resource Browser 2

Hide/show a secondary Resource Browser. This one has no keyboard shortcuts.


Generate GUID

Generate a new Globally Unique IDentifier.

File system dump

Show which directories are used as source, in the form of

  1. <Game> game data directory
  2. core ./addons/core/
  3. profile game user profile directory

Qt introspection tool

Show debug information about Qt, the Workbench Graphical User Interface (GUI).


This menu lists Workbench plugins. Each plugin has its own usage and user manual.


Reload WB Scripts

Reload Workbench plugins. Shortcut: Ctrl + ⇧ Shift + R

Clear All Settings

Resets all parameters that have been changed, Workbench parameters included.

Texture Import
Model Import
Material import
Terrain Import
Edit Selected Prefab(s)
Create/Update Selected Editable Prefabs
Bookmark #

Batch resource processor

Batch texture processor

Re-Save Meta Tool

Re-save the .meta files for files having the provided extensions. Useful if a format has changed and files should be re-saved.

Re-Save Tool

Re-save the files having the provided extensions. Useful if a format has changed and files should be re-saved.

Extensions are to be provided without the dot (e.g layout and not .layout)

Image Set Generator

In-game Editor

User Settings

Edit Engine Settings
Edit Game Settings
Register Placeable Entities...
Update All Editable Prefabs
Create/Update Selected Editable Prefabs




Validate Behavior Trees

Search Tool (XOBs)

Edit Selected Prefab(s)

Shortcut: Ctrl + ⇧ Shift + E

Generate Class from Layout

Localize Selected Files

Shortcut: Ctrl + Alt + L

Find Linked Resources

Validate Prefabs

Generate Controls Scheme

Resource Browser

Resource Browser is the main tool for navigating and managing game data, it can work with "local" data, packed data and both at the same time.

Default layout provides navigation through game data in two windows - one displays directories in tree layout and the other displays content (sub-directories and files) of the selected one.

There is a Search bar at the top left which has various filters and options available.

And lastly, over viewport, there are tabs with opened resources.

This section also applies to "Resource Browser 2" that is a simple copycat of this window.

Contextual Menus

In both windows, using Right Mouse Button on files and folders opens a context menu, dependent on the clicked item's type:

Context Options
Tree view
  • Show in Explorer
  • Register
  • Edit Properties
  • Delete
  • Rename
  • Copy Resource Name(s)
  • Copy Resource GUID(s)
  • SVN
    • Update
    • Commit
    • Add
    • Remove
    • Revert
File view
  • Open File in New Tab
  • Show in Explorer
  • Navigate to Folder
  • Register
    Registers the resource to be used (creates .meta files)
  • Register and Import
    Register and (re)import
  • Reimport
    Converts file from source file (tiff, fbx, etc.) to Enfusion file (xob/txo, edds, etc.)
  • Delete
  • Rename
  • Copy Resource Name(s)
    Copies the Enfusion path to this resource (format {GUID}path/to/file.ext) to the clipboard
  • Copy Resource GUID(s)
    Copies the resource GUID to the clipboard
  • Copy File Path(s)
    Copies the absolute path (format C:\path\to\file.ext) to the clipboard
  • Copy Link
    Copies an Enfusion:// link pointing to this resource to the clipboard
  • SVN
    • Update
    • Commit
    • Add
    • Remove
    • Revert
  • Find References
    expensive operation looks through all project files to find a reference to this element. not present for script files
  • Refresh Thumbnail(s)
  • Edit Prefab(s)
    Opens the prefab in World Editor in Prefab Edit Mode to see and edit it
  • Save changes
  • Revert changes


Search bar

The Search bar allows the typing of words/sequences, separated by a space, that should be found in the file name - including keywords.

e.g. looking for village 1i03 .xob will find and pinpoint House_Village_E_1I03.xob.


  • Show Runtime files only
  • Show unregistered sources only
  • Filter by Category
    Filter files by type (See File Types)


  • Expand All on Search
  • Horizontal Layout
  • Vertical Layout
  • Grid View
  • List View
  • On with filters
  • Always On
  • Always Off
  • Icons Scale
  • Sort by Name
  • Sort by Size
  • Sort by Type
  • Sort by Date
  • Ascending sorting order
  • Descending sorting order



  • Close Tab
  • Close All Tabs
  • Close All But This
  • Reopen Closed Tabs
  • Navigate to File
  • Show in Explorer

A double-click on the tab will Locate the file in Resource Browser, when a middle mouse button click will close it.

Viewport Types

See Arma Reforger/Modding/Official Tools/Resource Manager Viewports.

Log Console

Log console displays various messages, they can be either informative, warnings or errors, and can be sorted by type or category.

Details / Import Settings

Details and Import Settings tabs are closely related, even dependent on the Viewport type. See Resource Manager: Viewport for more respective details.

Import Settings

This tab is about import options. Each type of resource has different options available that are detailed in Resource Manager: Viewport.

If any changes are done in this category, it’s required to click on the "Reimport resource" button at the top to take effect.

Each platform has its own settings, but all of them inherit from PC.

Edit also selected files

It is possible to edit multiple files at once. To do that, you need to check the "Edit also selected files" checkbox and select files in Resource Browser.


Different per resource type, each described in Arma Reforger/Modding/Official Tools/Resource Manager Viewports.

General Shortcuts

Shortcut Function
Ctrl + S Saves resource in active tab
Ctrl + ⇧ Shift + S Save all
F5 Reimports active resource
Ctrl + B Locates active resource in Resource Browser
F1 Opens/closes log console
F3 Opens/closes Resource Browser window
Ctrl + Page Up Next tab
Ctrl + Page Down Previous tab
Ctrl + ↹ Tab Cycles between opened tab
Ctrl + W Closes active tab