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Sets unit insignia (e.g., shoulder insignia on soldiers). See Arma 3: Unit Insignia for more details and a list of official insignias.
Object Manipulation


[target, className] call BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia
target: Object - unit to which the insignia is going to be attached
class: String - CfgUnitInsignia class name to use. Use an empty string to remove the current insignia.
Return Value:
Boolean - returns true if successful.


Example 1:
Place insignia:
[player, "111thID"] call BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia;
Example 2:
Remove insignia:
[player, ""] call BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia;

Additional Information

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Pierre MGI - c
Posted on Aug 09, 2016 - 05:26 (UTC)
In Arma 3: Unit Insignia, you can read:
« You can add a new insignia in Config.cpp and Description.ext. »

If it is possible to add a cfgUnitInsignia class in a description.ext, please note that the path of the texture differs for server and client in MP environment. Config.cpp (addon) is more reliable. Description.ext, in this case, should be used for SP mission only.
This function calls setObjectTextureGlobal, which is a broken command in MP (see feedback tracker) August 2016.

Leopard20 - c
Posted on Jun 21, 2021 - 21:51 (UTC)
To set the insignia after respawn, add this code to initPlayerLocal.sqf
params ["_player"]; _player addMPEventHandler ["MPRespawn", { params ["_unit", "_corpse"]; private _insignia = [_corpse] call BIS_fnc_getUnitInsignia; [_unit, _insignia] spawn { params ["_unit", "_insignia"]; sleep 1; isNil { _unit setVariable ["BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia_class", nil]; // you can also do [_unit, ""] call BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia, but this way is faster (plus no network traffic) [_unit, _insignia] call BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia; }; }; }];
Notice that the previous insignia has been cleared first to make the change happen (possibly a bug as of Arma 3 v2.05)