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Commands to manipulate CT_MENU_STRIP, CT_MENU, CT_CONTEXT_MENU controls. CT_MENU_STRIP and CT_CONTEXT_MENU were introduced with Eden Editor. See Entity Context Menu and Configuring Menu Bar to find out how to configure these menus in Eden Editor.

Example for Eden Editor

// create main folder disableSerialization; private _ctrlMenuStrip = findDisplay 313 displayCtrl 120; private _indexMain = _ctrlMenuStrip menuAdd [[], "Custom Tools"]; // create first subentry which is not checkable but has an action private _indexUncheckable = _ctrlMenuStrip menuAdd [[_indexMain], "This entry can not be checked"]; _ctrlMenuStrip menuSetAction [[_indexMain, _indexUncheckable], "systemChat 'Hello World!'"]; // create second subentry which is checkable and has an action private _indexCheckable = _ctrlMenuStrip menuAdd [[_indexMain], "This entry is checkable"]; _ctrlMenuStrip menuSetAction [[_indexMain, _indexCheckable], "systemChat 'Hello World!'"]; _ctrlMenuStrip menuSetCheck [[_indexMain, _indexCheckable], true]; // create third subentry which shows an image and has an action private _indexPicture = _ctrlMenuStrip menuAdd [[_indexMain], "This entry has a picture"]; _ctrlMenuStrip menuSetAction [[_indexMain, _indexPicture], "systemChat 'Hello World!'"]; _ctrlMenuStrip menuSetPicture [[_indexMain, _indexPicture], "\a3\modules_f\data\iconunlock_ca.paa"]; // create a fourth entry which will destroy itself once clicked private _indexDelete = _ctrlMenuStrip menuAdd [[_indexMain], "This entry will be deleted once clicked"]; _ctrlMenuStrip menuSetAction [[_indexMain, _indexDelete], "findDisplay 313 displayCtrl 120 menuDelete (menuHover (findDisplay 313 displayCtrl 120)); systemChat 'Entry gone!'"]; // create a fifth entry which will return its data once clicked private _indexData = _ctrlMenuStrip menuAdd [[_indexMain], "This entry will print its data to system chat when clicked"]; _ctrlMenuStrip menuSetData [[_indexMain, _indexData], "<nowiki>[</nowiki>objNull,'Some String',true]"]; _ctrlMenuStrip menuSetAction [[_indexMain, _indexData], "systemChat (findDisplay 313 displayCtrl 120 menuData (menuHover (findDisplay 313 displayCtrl 120)));"];

To remove the custom menu, just restart Eden Editor.