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Germany 1985 (or just G85) is a mod for Armed Assault which unifies many Operation Flashpoint mods like Bundeswehr Mod, Combat!, CSLA, Lowland Warriors, Red Hammer Studios and several leading independent addon makers.

Its purpose is to create a high quality, full compatible modification using standardized values (derived from JAM, CAVS, and likely ACES) and it will work on a sort of “plug-in” system, where each team works on their own modules that plug into the core G85 game. Models, textures, terrain and expertise is shared amongst all members to ensure the high quality you'd expect from these mod teams.


The setting of Germany in 1985 was chosen because of the diversity of equipment and vehicles available, the relative parity of the NATO and Pact forces and the exciting and well known back story provided by Tom Clancy. In addition, a hypothetical war between the Soviet Union, her satellites and NATO could very well extend beyond Germany, opening up nearly the entire world for future expansions! From the fjords of Norway to the shores of the Persian Gulf, if the mod is successful we could take it to wherever we'd like.

Addon Releases

27. 11. 2006: Editor Update v0.9 (dead link) by Karel85


The Germany 1985 mod was founded in March of 2006 by the agreement of the Bundeswehr Mod, Lowland Warriors Mod, Combat! and the CSLA mod to produce a high quality, realistic and exciting gaming experience. Red Hammer Studios and several independent modders were added shortly afterwards to boost the level of talent and skills needed for the large undertaking.


M60 battle tank
Dana howitzer

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