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A group is its own data type in the scripting language. All units belong to a group. If units are linked together in the editor, they are all part of the same group. If a unit is not linked to anyone else, then it belongs to its own group.

  • The AI makes many decisions as an entire group, instead of on an individual unit level. For example, behavior, combat mode, and waypoints are decided on a group, not an individual level.
  • Note that empty objects do not belong to a group. Nor do empty vehicles.
  • To get the group that a unit belongs to, use the group command.
  • To get the unit that currently leads a group, use the leader command.
  • To get an array of units that are in a group, use the units command.
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Max. No. of Groups per Side 63 144 288
Max. No. of Units per Group 12 ? 10000+