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The ArmA variant of setGroupId has new abilities. As can be seen in the syntax description, it can take a parameter array

[nameFormat, nameParam1, ...]

The nameFormat part is a format string that determines the parameter(s) that follow it. An example:

player setGroupid ["%GroupSquad-%GroupPlatoon-%GroupCompany","Squad1","Platoon2","CompanyCharlie"];
player sideChat "Hello";

This will result in my player character saying

1-2-C 1 (Killswitch): "HELLO"

One can also get the old OFP style group names by

player setGroupid ["%GroupNames %GroupColors","November","GroupColor3"];
player sideChat "Hello";

which results in

November Green 1 (Killswitch): "HELLO"

Take a look at the main ArmA config, in class CfgWorlds and look at

* the groupNameFormat string.
* the classes GroupSquad, GroupPlatoon, GroupCompany and their contents.
* the classes GroupNames and GroupColors.

I wasn't sure if all of this was suitable for a note, so I put my findings here on the discussion page instead.

Killswitch 18:21, 21 April 2007 (CEST)