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Sets the group radio callsign, how it will be displayed in radio chat. Two groups on the same side cannot have the same callsign (possible on different sides) - see Example 4.
The identity setup can consist of format keywords (marked with %) and param keywords taken from CfgWorlds config. Formatting is almost like using the format command but with some special group keywords (see Example 2).
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Operation Flashpoint
  • In Operation Flashpoint, the group ID cannot be freely decided and format must be [letter, colour, picture] or [letter, colour] - nameFormat cannot be a custom text - see Example 3.
  • The radio callsign strings can be overwritten in a mission by writing Stringtable entries of the same name. Some entry names: Show text
For the global variant of this command see setGroupIdGlobal.


group setGroupId [nameFormat, nameParam1, ..., nameParamN]
group: Object or Group
nameFormat: String - format template (%keyword1 - %keyword2...etc)
nameParam1: String - param keyword
Return Value:


Example 1:
Arma 3:
group player setGroupId ["Some name for the group"]; hint groupId group player; // "Some name for the group" player sideChat "lalala"; // Some name for the group (KK): "lalala"
Example 2:
Arma 3:
group player setGroupId ["%GroupNames :=: %GroupColors", "Alpha", "GroupColor2"]; hint groupId group player; // "Alpha :=: Red" player sideChat "lalala"; // Alpha :=: Red (KK): "lalala"
Example 3:
Armed Assault / Arma 2 / Arma 3:
group player setGroupId ["First Assault Recon Team"];
Operation Flashpoint:
_group1 setGroupId ["Delta", "GroupColor4"]
Example 5:
When trying to apply the same callsign to two groups of the same side, the callsigns will simply be swapped, e.g:
group1 setGroupId ["Active Group"]; group2 setGroupId ["Inactive Group"]; group2 setGroupId ["Active Group"]; // group1 is "Inactive Group" now

Additional Information

See also:
setGroupIdGlobal groupId group


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