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This template creates an internal link (within the BIKI). It uses {{Link/Hash}}.
If text is not provided:

  • if link's namespace is identical to the current page, only the page name is used as text
  • otherwise, the full namespace:pagename is used

This template is used on these pages.



  • link: the internal link
  • text: (Optional) the text to display
Code Result
{{Link/Internal}} -no link provided-
{{Link/Internal|link= setDir}} setDir
{{Link/Internal|text= setDir's page}} -no link provided-
{{Link/Internal|link= setDir|text= setDir's page}} setDir's page
{{Link/Internal|link= setDir#Example 1}} setDir - Example 1
{{Link/Internal|link= Category:Scripting Commands}}
Sets the page to said category - bad! The : prefix is unfortunately required, see below (no workaround found (yet?)).
{{Link/Internal|link= :Category:Scripting Commands}} Category:Scripting Commands
{{Link/Internal|link= :Category:Scripting Commands|text= All Commands}} All Commands
* {{Link/Internal|link= DayZ:Diag Menu}}
* {{Link/Internal|link= Template:Link}}
* {{Link/Internal|link= Template:Link#Usage}}