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Name: Messiah
D.O.B: 14-12-1984
Location: Oxford, UK


Since playing the demo over and over again, and then winning OFP in a magazine review competition, I've been very much involved in the OFP scene since day one, taking my first steps into the mission editing world when I joined OFPEC for the first time (then hosted on concept-5) and asking how to light a fire. I went from strength to strength at OFPEC, realsing a number of missions and joining the ill fated OFPEC campaign team. I then spent a while as a moderator on the forums.

From there I followed Jonno (who led the OFPEC campaign team) to his new venture with Bibmi over at UKF. I initially started as a mission editor, but began to dable in the world of O2, making a few models that Jonno later textured. Finally I succesfully begun to learn texturing and config writing and became a fully fledged member of the UKF team. Since deliltmon's departure from UKF, I have gone on to lead the Land Rover development on the team, creating numerous encarnations of the vehicle, from the WMIK to the Snatch.

Other Projects

I've also had involvement on other projects, such as Ebud's Tonal update, the Falklands Mod (only in a very small capacity) and providing my utter useless beta skills to such teams as RKSL and the Falklands Mod.


I currently play multiplayer co-op with the Volunteer Commando Battalion.