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Disclaimer: This page describes an unofficial tool created without permission or support of Bohemia Interactive.

The product itself and its usage may be violating rights of Bohemia Interactive and is in no way endorsed or recommended by Bohemia Interactive.

See also Official Tools.

Snake Man

Version v0.950


WrpTool is a utility to edit OFP WRP island files. It can read all known OFP WRP file formats, so it does not matter whether the island has been created with WrpEdit or Visitor. The user interface is similar to the OFP mission editor so it comes naturally to anyone who has edited any missions before.

WrpTool has been developed with the help of many OFP community members to ensure it is working the way an actual island creator wants it to work.

It comes with an extensive manual to cover most aspects of this tools and island editing in general.
Online support by the dev team is available even at present time (mid 2007).

Many famous OFP islands have been created with WrpTool including Saruago, Trinity, Skye, DMA Libya, AGS-Afghanistan and BAS Tonal, to name only a few.


- Writes 12.8km x 12.8km, 25.6km x 25.6km and 51.2km x 51.2km WRP files (and smaller).
- Import terrain in Wilbur long/lat TXT format.
- Place random 3d objects throughout the map, but not in the water.
- Graphical User Interface (GUI) to edit 3d object placement.
- bitmap preview image "icon" of objects in object browser
- Copy & Paste for object, or multiple objects.
- Current object preview from bmp image when mouse over object.
- Object rotation using mouse, multiple or single object.
- Display 3D-View of the terrain elevations and objects (no texture yet).
- Graphical User Interface (GUI) to edit elevations and texture placement.
- XML configuration file for object p3d icons and categories.
- GUI mini map, for quick overview and jump-to selections.
- Reads 4WVR, OPRW v2 and OPRW v3 island formats.
- Rescale object sizes, change their direction.
- Road Tool. Place roads by clicking RMB for left, right, straight etc road pieces.
- Region Tool, choose region and random place objects, delete objects etc.
- Forest Placer, to quickly and automatically place forests, including SEB, BAS 1 obj forests.
- Automatic texture placing for "transitions".
- Cell Selector, to select cells according to elevations.

WrpTool ships with 124 page PDF manual that covers everything related to island making, it even includes instructions for newbies to release addons properly. Also it includes ODOL Explorer, util that lets you view ODOL format P3D model files and save (convert) them to MLOD which then can be loaded with O2.


Homepage: WrpTool