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Armed Assault produces a log file each time ArmA is run. The log file better known as the rpt file is useful for mission and addon makers to see what errors may exist in their work. There can be many different errors found in this file some errors maybe useful others errors maybe only informational notifications left over from developement but what may interest you are, model problems, scripting issues and many others.


See Crash_Files.


Linux server outputs the "RPT log" messages on stdout/stderr. Redirect stdout and stderr to a log file of your choosing.

./arma3server -port=$port -pid=ServerRunning -cfg=basicServer.cpp -config=server.cpp "${mods}" >>log.${pid}.txt 2>&1

Example arma.RPT

Warning: no idc entry inside class RscDisplayMultiplayerSetup/controls/B_Side 
Group update arrived - leader changed from EAST 1-2-I:3 REMOTE (2:222) to EAST 1-2-I:1 REMOTE (2:224)
Group update arrived - leader changed from WEST 1-2-I:2 REMOTE (2:288) to WEST 1-2-I:1 REMOTE (2:289)
Group update arrived - leader changed from GUER 1-2-I:2 REMOTE (2:353) to GUER 1-2-I:1 REMOTE (2:354)
Creating debriefing
*** AI identity cannot be applied - person 3:24 not found
Client: Object 3:0 (type AIStatsMPRowUpdate) not found.
Client: Object 3:11 (type UpdateDamageVehicleAI) not found.
Client: Object 2:838 (type UpdatePositionVehicle) not found.
*** Remote: Identity Joao (da) Fonseca transferred from 2:435 to 2:841
*** Remote: Identity Fabio Castillos transferred from 2:436 to 2:842
Magazine HandGrenadeTimed (1 ammo left) not found
Magazine 30Rnd_556x45_G36 (30 ammo left) not found
Client: Object 2:9327 (type UpdateTurret) not found.
Client: Object 2:9326 (type UpdatePositionCar) not found.
Client: Object 2:9325 (type UpdatePositionTurret) not found.
WARNING: Function 'name' - east1 has no unit
 - network id 208:135
 - person 
Group EAST 1-2-F (0x456639d8) - network ID 2:9574
 - no main subgroup
Empty word in sentence '' 'xmit' 
WARNING: Function 'name' - 2ade8c00# 648165: ural_reammo.p3d REMOTE has no unit
 - network id 286:2
No more slot to add connection at De61 (6952.9,8228.9)
No more slot to add connection at Fh71 (11466.8,6127.8)

== C:\Program Files\Atari\ArmA\arma.exe
Exe version: Wed Jun 13 21:35:40 2007

Updating base class ->Default, by ca\anims\characters\config.bin/CfgMovesBasic/DefaultDie/
Updating base class ->Default, by ca\anims\characters\config.bin/CfgMovesMaleSdr/States/Crew/
Applying controller scheme Default

As you can see, there is a lot of information presented in this file. The good news is you can fix these errors, you just need to know how.

List of Fixes for Each Type of Error

Warning Message: No player was selected

This error means that the mission that caused the error doesn't have a unit marked as player. Probably most common in mp missions where all playables tend to be marked as playable instead of player. You can fix this error by simply adding/changing one of the playable units to player.

WARNING: Function 'name' - So-and-so is dead

Do not call name on a dead object. if (alive _obj) then {name _obj};

w:\c\Poseidon\lib\d3d9\engdd9.cpp(4967) : Unable to create vertex buffer - Reset needed


Client: Object 2:9 (type UpdatePositionMan) not found.

Happens when you setPos someone (?) (Dedicated server only)

String STR_FOOBAR not found

Make sure string is in Stringtable.csv.

No alive in 10000

Usually when you have a while loop that's having to execute a lot of times without stopping or sleep.

Shadow polygon doesn't have 3 vertices

Usually when you have a model shadow lod [10.000] that has not been triangulated in 02

Performance warning: Search for 620fda98# 121255: trafostanica_velka.p3d was very large (1480 m)

Displayed when nearestObject is given coordinates which are too far from the object being searched for.

w:\c\Poseidon\lib\Network\networkClient.cpp(845) : Respawn failed - body disappeared

A respawnable body that had not respawned yet was deleted.

Warning: Script not executed, param 'timePeriod' value is to small(0.0001)

This is related to particle effects according to Suma (dead link).