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Attempts to run given code with given arguments given number of cycles in unscheduled environment and returns average time it took to run the code as well as actual number of executions performed. The command will return as soon as possible if the tested code is slow and the duration of the command exceeds 1 second. Engine alternative to BIS_fnc_codePerformance.
For security purposes, this command will only run for 1 cycle in multiplayer, unless in-game debug console is available via description.ext option or Eden attribute setting.
DiagnosticPerformance Profiling


diag_codePerformance [code, arguments, cycles]
code: Code - code to compare performance
arguments: Anything - (Optional, default nil) arguments to pass to the code in _this variable. Default: nil
cycles: Number - (Optional, default 100000) wanted number of cycles to run the given code. > 1000 is recommended
since Arma 3 logo black.png2.14
ignoreTimeLimit: Boolean - (Optional, default false) - ignore the 1 second timelimit, and always run the provided number of cycles (except in multiplayer)
Return Value:
Array format [duration, cycles], where:
  • duration: Number - average duration of 1 execution in milliseconds
  • cycles: Number - actual number of cycles executed


Example 1:
private _result = diag_codePerformance [{ private _a = 123; }, 0, 10000];

Additional Information

See also:
diag_log BIS_fnc_codePerformance Code Optimisation


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