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In theory disables the ability to talk to other people. In actuality, if true is given, the command increases unit's kbTell IsSpeaking status by 1, thus stopping unit from having a conversation. If false is given, the command decreases unit's kbTell IsSpeaking status by 1. The unit "is speaking" if IsSpeaking > 0.
kbTell IsSpeaking is a number that is increased or decreased by 1 internally. Default is 0, but it can be any positive or negative value. disableConversation allows to increase or decrease this number. When executed multiple times this can present an unexpected problem. Use conversationDisabled which returns true if this number > 0, to reset this number to 0 if necessary:
while {!conversationDisabled _unit} do {_unit disableConversation true}; while {conversationDisabled _unit} do {_unit disableConversation false};
Radio and Chat


unitName disableConversation disable
unitName: Object
disable: Boolean
Return Value:


Example 1:
player disableConversation true;
Example 2:
soldier1 disableConversation false;

Additional Information

See also:
conversationDisabled setSpeaker enableRadio enableSentences showSubtitles


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