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Checks if a unit is fleeing.

  • Fleeing only affects AI led groups.
  • Only the group as a whole can flee (or not).
  • The courage of the AI group is based on the group's leader courage subskill.
  • Each group has a max strength (summed "armor" of all infantry units - plus armor when inside vehicles).
  • If the group losses by injury/damage or death/destruction are higher than the max strength, multiplied by leader's courage or allowFleeing level , then the group will start fleeing.
  • As result primarily the AI flees to a nearby "supply point" (some friendly units - preferably with medic or engineer, or a vehicle with repair/ammo/fuel cargo). Alternatively it will try to find a safe position within a 600m radius from the initial waypoint (danger, distance, amount of cover positions are taken into account).
  • After the fleeing has been finished the group's initial strength is reset.
  • Fleeing units in combatMode red, will be set to yellow when fleeing to avoid engaging enemies while doing so.
  • While fleeing, the group leader will be set to green, to avoid giving engage or fire orders, unless in combatMode blue already. Also speedMode is set to full.
  • When reaching their flee point/destination, they will change to combatMode yellow and speedMode normal.
  • With allowFleeing one can make unit's flee earlier (or essentially never flee). Apply it, overrides the courage subskill influence.
Object Manipulation


fleeing unit
unit: Object
Return Value:
Boolean - returns true if a unit is fleeing, false if not. Dead or empty units return false.


Example 1:
if (fleeing soldier_1) then {player sideChat "We have won!"} else {player sideChat "Keep fighting!"};

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