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Only available in Development branch(es) until its release with Arma 3 patch v2.18.


Returns various properties for the respawning vehicle. All properties are synched over the network and should be the same on every client including JIP.


getRespawnVehicleInfo vehicle
vehicle: Object - transport
Return Value:
Array in format [respawnDelay, respawnCount, deleteOldWreck, respawnOnServer, respawnFlying, respawnUnit, respawnMode, respawnSide, useRespawnMarkerDir, canRespawn, isRespawning, respawnMarkerName, respawnTimeRemaining, missionRespawnDelay, missionRespawnMode], where:
  • 0 - respawnDelay: Number - how long the vehicle will be in respawn queue after death. -1 - 'missionRespawnDelay' value is used.
  • 1 - respawnCount: Number - how many times left for the vehicle to respawn. -1 - indefinite, 0 - no more respawns
  • 2 - deleteOldWreck: Boolean - if true then the old wreck will be deleted when vehicle respawns.
  • 3 - respawnOnServer: Boolean - if true the wreck will be transfered to the server and vehicle will respawn on server.
  • 4 - respawnFlying: Boolean - if true vehicle will not be forced to the ground and if can fly and has pilot will be spawned flying.
  • 5 - respawnUnit: Object - pilot/driver unit that will be placed into the new vehicle.
  • 6 - respawnMode: Number - individual respawn mode for this vehicle. Any mode other than 2,3 or -1 means disabled respawn. -1 - use 'missionRespawnMode'
  • 7 - respawnSide: Side - what side markers to use for respawn. For example if 'respawnSide' set to east the markers with names 'respawn_vehicle_eastXXX' and 'respawn_eastXXX' will be used.
  • 8 - useRespawnMarkerDir: Boolean - align respawned vehicle with respawn marker direction or with wreck direction if no marker found or "INSTANT" mode is used. Otherwise, direction is random.
  • 9 - canRespawn: Boolean - true if vehicle is respawnable (all conditions for respawn are ok)
  • 10 - isRespawning: Boolean - true if vehicle is currently in the respawn queue awaiting respawn.
  • 11 - respawnMarkerName: String - Chosen vehicle respawn marker, when vehicle respawns it will use the marker params. The respawn marker is processed instantly uppon vehicle's death.
  • 12 - respawnTimeRemaining: Number - how long left before the respawn. -1 after vehicle has respawned or has respawn disabled.
  • 13 - missionRespawnDelay: Number - global mission vehicle respawn delay. script command > mission param > 3DEN param
  • 14 - missionRespawnMode: Number - global mission vehicle respawn mode. script command > mission param > 3DEN param

Alternative Syntax

vehicle getRespawnVehicleInfo index
vehicle: Object - transport
index: Number - property index (see main syntax, for example 10 for isRespawning)
Return Value:
Anything - depends on the requested property, or Nothing


Example 1:
private _vehInfo = getRespawnVehicleInfo veh1;
Example 2:
private _isRespawning = veh1 getRespawnVehicleInfo 10;

Additional Information

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