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Only available in Development branch(es) until its release with Arma 3 patch v2.18.


Returns various properties for the given shot.
Object Manipulation


getShotInfo shot
shot: Object - shot projectile
Return Value:
Array in format [effectiveTimeToLive, fuseDistanceLeft, timeToExplosion, triggerIsForced, shownTracer, isReal, isSubmunitionTriggered, isSetForDeletion], where:
  • 0 - effectiveTimeToLive: Number - how much more shot has to live.
  • 1 - fuseDistanceLeft: Number - how long shot has to travel more to get fused (undebarrel grenade for example).
  • 2 - timeToExplosion: Number - how long before shot fuse explodes (hand grenade for example).
  • 3 - triggerIsForced: Boolean - true if shot ammo was triggered with triggerAmmo.
  • 4 - shownTracer: Boolean - true if the shot shown as tracer.
  • 5 - isReal: Boolean - true if the shot is considered in damage events.
  • 6 - isSubmunitionTriggered: Boolean - true if the shot contains submunition and it is triggered.
  • 7 - isSetForDeletion: Boolean - true if the shot is already set for deletion but not yet removed from the scene.

Alternative Syntax

shot getShotInfo index
shot: Object - shot projectile
index: Number - property index (see main syntax, for example 1 for fuseDistanceLeft)
Return Value:
Anything - depends on the requested property, or Nothing


Example 1:
private _shotInfo = getShotInfo shot1;
Example 2:
private _fuseDistanceLeft = shot1 getShotInfo 1;

Additional Information

See also:
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