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Returns the parent of an object if said object is a proxy.

Use objectParent instead of vehicle to get a soldier's vehicle. Apart from being faster it is also more reliable, as when used on dead crew, vehicle command may surprisingly return the unit itself.
Since Arma 3 v2.18 objectParent can return the creator of a weaponholder if the weaponholder was created through some user action.
Object Manipulation


objectParent object
object: Object
Return Value:


Example 1:
_isOnFoot = isNull objectParent player; // check if the player is on foot _isCommander = player isEqualTo commander objectParent player; // check if the player is in a vehicle and is its commander _holder = objectParent _myBackpack; // return: // - the weapon holder of a dropped backpack // - the cargo space of a vehicle holding this backpack // - the dead unit holding the backpack // works for a backpack, a vest or a uniform _isDeployed = isNull objectParent _deployableStaticMG; // true if deployed, false if in a backpack _ropeParent = objectParent _ropeSegment; // since Arma 3 v2.12 _creatorUnit = objectParent _weaponholder; // since Arma 3 v2.18
Example 2:
Create and place a created backpack in front of player:
_backpackContainer = "B_TacticalPack_rgr" createVehicle [0, 0, 0]; _weaponHolder = objectParent _backpackContainer; _weaponHolder setPosWorld (player modelToWorldWorld [0, 5, 0]);

Additional Information

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