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Checks whether the tested item is null.
Which null type the item has to be equal to depends on the type of game entity tested:
Type Object Group Control Display Location Task Script Config Diary Record Team Member
Null value objNull grpNull controlNull displayNull locationNull taskNull scriptNull configNull diaryRecordNull teamMemberNull
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A test via == does not work because a null value is not equal to anything, not even itself (configNull being the exception). See also isEqualTo.


isNull entity
entity: Object, Control, Display, Group, Location, Task, Script Handle, Config or Diary Record
Return Value:


Example 1:
if (isNull obj) then { hint "obj variable is defined but obj is null"; };
Example 2:
Diary Record support before Arma 3 logo black.png2.00:
private _nullRecord = objNull createDiaryRecord []; // wrong parameters = failure to create a record = null value private _createdRecord = player createDiaryRecord ["Diary", ["title", "description"]]; if (_createdRecord isEqualTo _nullRecord) then { hint "Failed" };
Team Member support before Arma 3 logo black.png2.10:
private _isNull = _teamMember isEqualTo teamMemberNull;

Additional Information

See also:
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