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Opens or closes in-game map.
If forced param is set to true and map is set to open, when the map is opened it cannot be closed manually and the user can get stuck requiring the game restart.

Make sure you provide scripted mechanics to resolve this, should you need to force the map.

Useful when you wish to keep user for example on respawn screen, where they could still interact with the map but cannot enter the game until the time is up.


openMap show
show: Boolean - if true opens map, if false closes map, provided it is not forced
Return Value:
Boolean - equivalent of visibleMap

Alternative Syntax

openMap [show, forced]
show: Boolean - if true opens map, if false closes map, provided it is not forced.
forced: Boolean - if true keeps map from closing when map is open. Arma 3 logo black.png2.06 if false, forces map to stay closed if show is false (see Example 1)
Return Value:
Boolean - equivalent of visibleMap


Example 1:
openMap [true, false]; // opens map normally openMap [false, false]; // closes an opened map normally openMap [true, true]; // force opens map and keeps it open (the user cannot close it on their own) openMap [false, true]; // since Arma 3 2.06: prevents map from opening, closes open map and forces it to stay close (the user cannot open it on their own)

Additional Information

See also:
forceMap forcedMap visibleMap showMap shownMap


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Fraali - c
Posted on Dec 08, 2021 - 11:00 (UTC)
(As of Arma 3 ver.2.06.148470)
Trying to close a map using openMap false inside of a map event handler like
addMissionEventHandler ["Map", { openMap false }];
will cause the game to crash.
To fix this, please use it inside of a spawned script.
addMissionEventHandler ["Map", { 0 spawn { openMap false }; }];

This should stop any issue of crashing when you close the map.