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Main syntax: Reload first found muzzle that needs reloading (with some inconsistencies).
Alternative syntax: this syntax allows to reload given muzzle with given magazine while playing proper animation. If param is omitted or is empty string, default value is used. The default behaviour is to find the best matching magazine for the provided muzzle from the pool of available magazines. If specific magazine is requested, the reload will fail if unit has run out of this type of magazines. If an empty array [] is given, the behaviour is similar to pressing the "Reload" key. The command reloads the given muzzle but does not select it. In case of throwable muzzles, each throwable has its own muzzle, they are autoreloaded after throw. Using reload on the throwable muzzle will just swap throwable for another one of the same type from inventory.


reload unitName
unitName: Object
Return Value:

Alternative Syntax

unit reload [muzzle, magazine]
unit: Object - person
muzzle: String - (Optional, default currentMuzzle) muzzle name or "" for the current muzzle.
magazine: String - (Optional, default given muzzle magazine) magazine name or "" for given muzzle's magazine. If given muzzle is currentMuzzle then currentMagazine
Return Value:
Boolean - true on success


Example 1:
if (needReload player == 1) then { reload player };
Example 2:
player reload ["GL_3GL_F", "1Rnd_HE_Grenade_shell"];
Example 3:
Reload current muzzle:
player reload [];

Additional Information

See also:
reloadEnabled needReload enableReload setWeaponReloadingTime


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