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missionProfileNamespace provides long-term storage solution for mission variables. When this namespace has variables set with setVariable and is saved, the variables are saved into missionName.vars file into the current player's profileName folder. Next time when the same mission is loaded by the client with the same player profile, the saved variables can be read normally with getVariable command. This way each mission maker can create persistent data that is both mission and player profile specific. The file is only created when the save operation is invoked with this command.

It is also possible to share the same mission profile variables between several missions. To override the default behaviour, create a missionGroup entry in Description.ext, for example missionGroup = "TAG_MyMissionCollectionName";. This will create TAG_MyMissionCollectionName.vars file instead of the default-named one, which would be loaded into every mission with a matching missionGroup entry.


Return Value:
Boolean - true in case of success, false otherwise (e.g trying to save in Eden Editor or trying to save into existing save file but the file wasn't loaded yet)


Example 1:

Additional Information

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