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Creates a sling loading from a helicopter to an entity if possible. To unload cargo, pass objNull as second param.
FROM object has to be a helicoper, alive with rope attachment enabled, TO object has to be an entity, alive with rope attachment enabled.
Ropes and Sling Loading


heli setSlingLoad cargo
heli: Object - the helicopter slinging the load
cargo: Object - the cargo load entity
Return Value:
Boolean - true on success


Example 1:
_success = heli1 setSlingLoad veh1;
Example 2:
To unload cargo:
_success = heli setSlingLoad objNull;

Additional Information

See also:
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Posted on 2014-11-08 - 14:42 (UTC)
"... if possible "
FYI, that only means that 'vehicle' has to be able to lift 'cargo'. The position/distance does not matter, 'cargo' is automatically moved to a position that is close enough but doesn't doesn't collide with 'vehicle'. (can also be used if 'vehicle' is not flying, in which case 'cargo' will be placed and attached on the ground next to it).