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Workbench Launcher Setup

Before creating a new project, it is necessary to set Enfusion Workbench Launcher so it knows where Reforger data is located. Reforger data is essential for Workbench to function correctly so its important

There are two ways how to prepare Workbench for creation of the addon - automatic & manual - which are described below

Preparing Data

By default, every time Arma Reforger (game) is launched, executable will automatically add hidden link to the data ArmaReforger.gproj in Windows Register.

It might happen though, that automatic detection is not working (f.e. installation dir was moved) and because of that, it is recommended to manually add ArmaReforger.gproj to Project list

Adding Arma Reforger Project

  1. Start the Workbench either through Steam (Tools > Arma Reforger Tools > START) or by double-clicking ArmaReforgerWorkbenchSteam.exe located in the Workbench installation directory.
    The following screen will appear:
    armareforger modsetup-launcherwindow-reforgernotfound.png
  2. Click "Add Existing" button
  3. Browse to ArmaReforger.gproj (located in <Arma Reforger installation directory>\addons\data\ArmaReforger.gproj) and select it
  4. Arma Reforger project is now listed in the Projects window.
    armareforger modsetup-launcherwindow-reforgerfound.png

Adding Other Existing Projects

Other projects, like dependencies, can be added one by one via Add Existing Project as described above or by using Scan for Projects button.

  • Click on + Add Project button
  • Select Scan for Projects from the list
  • Select folder where you have addons located, which you want to use as dependencies
  • Confirm selection


Now you can either try to launch one of those mods or use them as dependencies

Projects list is stored in user profile. You can use different profile via -profile command line parameter, allowing you to have set of mods for various occasions or for different version of game. armareforger-modsetup-profile-cli.png

Project Creation

  • Open Enfusion Workbench Launcher if you don't have it already open.
    armareforger modsetup-launcherwindow-reforgerfound.png
    This interface displays existing projects known to Workbench and will later display the current creation; an existing project is openable by selecting it and clicking Open to edit it.
  • Click "Create New" to open the project creation interface
Vanilla Arma Reforger
Modded Arma Reforger
  • Enter the project's name
    • the project's name can only contain letters, numbers, spaces and the following symbols: - (dash) _ (underscore) and . (dot).
  • Confirm or edit the project's location
  • Do not create projects in OneDrive directories - such project will fail to load!
    Be sure to pick a location where the current Windows user has write permissions (e.g C:\Users\Username\Documents - not C:\Program Files).
    The default project directory's location is %userProfile%\Documents\My Games\ArmaReforgerWorkbench\addons; the default project name (and directory name) is New Enfusion Project - it can only contain letters, numbers, ampersands, spaces, dashes, dots and underscores.
  • Pick the project's dependencies:
    • dependencies are other projects (and/or mods) on which the current project relies to work
    • a project cannot be loaded if a dependency is missing
    • the dependency link is one-way: a dependency does not need the current project in order to be loaded
    • Arma Reforger is a default dependency: an Arma Reforger mod needs Arma Reforger data to run properly
  • Click "OK" to create the project.
Dependencies of created project can be later changed in Resource Manager Options

Et voilà ! The project is created and the Workbench Resource Manager is waiting for input.

The addon.gproj file can be renamed to have a more fitting name; the project will then need to be re-added to the Projects list on Workbench opening.
Recommended read:

Managing Projects

Launching Project

When launching Enfusion Workbench Launcher second and after projects were added to the list, launching of mods can be done in following ways:

  • By double clicking with Left Mouse Button on mod (either tile or element in list view)
  • By clicking on it with with Right Mouse Button and selecting option "Open" (1) from context menu


With Mods

Launching mod with additional mods and preset menu

Launching your project with other addons, which are not dependencies, can be done via Open with Addons (2 on picture above) option which is available in context menu visible after pressing on mod in list with Right Mouse Button. After selecting this option, a new menu - Open project with additional addons (similar to one, used for setting dependencies) - will show up and you will be able to select your dependencies.


List of additionally launched mods in Open project with additional addons menu is saved and restored when using this option. Additionally, selections of those addons is stored in Presets, which you can use to switch between specific mod sets. Presets are shared for all addons listed in Enfusion Workbench Launcher.

You can select one of the 8 presets by clicking on Preset x list box in top right corner of the window.

Removing Projects

Projects can be removed by Enfusion Project List by clicking on them with Right Mouse Button and then selecting Remove from List option. This will remove project only from the list and data itself will remain intact.


Projects View

It is possible to switch between List & Grid view. To do so, click on cog icon in top right corner and select one of the views from the context menu.

Experimental Branch

It is also possible to create and publish projects using Experimental Branch of the tools. For more info, head out to Experimental Branch page.


Arma Reforger project is not found in the Projects window

Be sure to use the adequate Workbench to open the corresponding data. Using default Workbench to open e.g Experimental branch data may result in errors!