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SCR_GeneratorBaseEntity appears in the list but is the base class to all other generators and should be ignored.


Polylines and Splines share the following properties:

Coords: position of the first-placed point

Angle X: rotation of the whole shape on the X-axis from the first-placed point

Angle Y: rotation of the whole shape on the Y-axis from the first-placed point

Angle Z: rotation of the whole shape on the Z-axis from the first-placed point

Scale: shape scale, e.g 0.5 being twice as small, 2 being twice as big

Is Closed: defines if the shape is closed or left open

Line Color: defines the line's colour in World Editor


New Shape

New Polyline / New Spline is used to create a new shape.

As reminded in the Vector Tool interface,

Ctrl + Left Mouse Button adds a point after the selected one, whereas

Alt + Left Mouse Button adds a point before the selected one.

Terrain Snapping

Snap to terrain

Checkbox: sets if newly-placed points are to snap to the terrain or to world's zero.

Snap to anchors

Checkbox: sets if dragged points get secured by neighbour points. Anchor snap distance value must be set to a value above zero.

Snap to terrain

Snaps selected points to terrain below them.

Reset elevation

Resets elevation of selected points to world's zero.

Point management


This "cuts" the shape on the selected point and duplicates it: one for the "previous" shape, one for the "next" shape.


This merges the shapes of selected points that are part of different shapes.


Reverses all the points of the selected shape.


Deletes selected point(s).


Adds an additional point mid-distance between the currently selected point and the next one, or the first one if the last is selected.

Select all

Selects all points of the shape.

Anchor snap distance

This defines the distance from which a dragged point will snap to a neighbouring one. This can be useful for e.g road connections.

Tangent mode

TODO: this must be updated.

Defines the tangent's behaviour (for a Spline) Possible values:

  • Mirror
  • Same orientation
  • Free

Gizmo mode

Defines if mouse drag and drop can move on all three axis or only flat 2D (X-Z).

Clone point data

TODO: this must be updated.

Only active layer

Selects only the entities from within the active layer.

Select entities in shapes

Selects all entities within the shape(s) surface.

Exclude children

When ticked, Select entities… actions will not include children (useful to e.g avoid trees from a Forest Generator)

Select entities near shapes

Expands the search surface - Select near distance must be defined.

Select near distance

Sets the Select entities near shapes additional distance, in meters.

Occlude shapes by geometry

Hides shapes behind terrain/objects.

Show far shapes

Shows distant shapes in the editor, however great their distance is from the camera.


A right-click on a Polyline's or Spline's ShapeEntity will offer the following options:

Allowing the newly-created shape to use Arma Reforger/Modding/Official Tools/World Editor Generators.