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Create a stack of objects at given position or on top of given object (eg. table).
Object Manipulation


[position, className, count, offsetMatrix, offsetDir, dirNoise, enableSimulation] call BIS_fnc_spawnObjects
position: Array format PositionASL, or Array as [referenceObject, placement]
  • referenceObject: Object
  • placement: String - can be:
    • "BOTTOM" = at the bottom of the object
    • "TOP" = top of the objects boundingbox
    • "GROUND" = sitting just on the ground
    • "ROADWAY" = sitting just on the ground
className: String - class of the object(s) to spawn; all will use the same class
count: Number - (Optional, default: 1) how many objects will be spawned
offsetMatrix: Array - (Optional, default: [0,0,0]) starting spawning position offset
offsetDir: Number - (Optional, default: 0) starting spawning direction offset
dirNoise: Code - (Optional, default: {0}) spawned object direction delta from the starting direction, defined as code returning dir delta value
enableSimulation: Boolean - (Optional, default: false) shall the simulation of the spawned objects be enabled or not
Return Value:
Array of created Objects


Example 1:
private _randomPos = [(random 0.2) -0.1, (random 0.2) -0.1, 0]; _objects = [[_table, "TOP"], "Box_NATO_Wps_F", 3, _randomPos,(random 20)-10] call BIS_fnc_spawnObjects;

Additional Information

See also:
createVehicle createSimpleObject enableSimulation


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