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Returns the terrain heightmap information, as well as sea level offset (due to tides, if available).


Return Value:
Array - In format [landGridWidth, landGridSize, terrainGridWidth, terrainGridSize, seaLevel]:
  • landGridWidth: Number - width of each land grid, in meters
  • landGridSize: Number - number of land grid pixels
  • terrainGridWidth: Number width of each terrain grid, in meters (also known as "cell size")
  • terrainGridSize: Number - number of terrain grid pixels (also known as "heightmap resolution")
  • seaLevel: Number - sea level without waves. The value is 0 if tides are disabled.
  • The result of landGridWidth * landGridSize and terrainGridWidth * terrainGridSize is always equal to the worldSize.
  • "land grid" is used by the game for object placement (e.g. finding the nearestObject), dynamic simulation, etc.
  • "terrain grid" is the actual terrain, used to display the terrain, calculate terrain height, surface normal, etc.


Example 1:
private _terrainInfo = getTerrainInfo; // Stratis: [32,256,4,2048,0]; Altis: [30,1024,7.5,4096,0]
Example 2:
Terrain grid on Stratis
// Draws a 20x20 terrain grid when clicking on the map // Each triangle of the terrain is formed by a diagonal // that starts from the top-left corner of the cell and ends at the bottom-right corner. // The green lines show the cell diagonals onMapSingleClick { getTerrainInfo params ["", "", "_cellsize", "_resolution"]; gridLines = []; _pos apply { floor (_x / _cellsize) } params ["_x0", "_y0"]; for "_x" from ((_x0 - 10) max 0) to ((_x0 + 10) min _resolution) do { for "_y" from ((_y0 - 10) max 0) to ((_y0 + 10) min _resolution) do { private _p1 = [_x, _y] vectorMultiply _cellsize; // bottom-left corner private _p2 = [_x, _y + 1] vectorMultiply _cellsize; // top-left corner private _p3 = [_x + 1, _y] vectorMultiply _cellsize; // bottom-right corner // Positions are AGL, and Z value of 0 is already at the terrain surface (except on water surface). // Just move them up a few centimeters so they're visible. _p1 set [2, 0.1]; _p2 set [2, 0.1]; _p3 set [2, 0.1]; gridLines pushBack [_p1, _p2, [1,0,0,1]]; gridLines pushBack [_p1, _p3, [1,0,0,1]]; gridLines pushBack [_p2, _p3, [0,1,0,1]]; }; }; onEachFrame { { drawLine3d _x; } forEach gridLines; } };

Additional Information

See also:
getTerrainHeight setTerrainHeight


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