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Increases or decreases the rope length by the given amount. Use relative parameter for changing rope length +/- from current length.
Rope length can be in range 0.5..100 metres.
Ropes and Sling Loading


ropeUnwind [rope, speed, length, relative]
rope: Object - rope object
speed: Number - animation speed in m/s with which to lengthen or shorten the rope, in range 0.01..20
length: Number - the amount of length change in meters, in range: 0.1..100
relative: Boolean - (Optional) true will add or subtract given length from current rope length, false will resize the rope to the given length
Return Value:


Example 1:
ropeUnwind [ropes heli1 select 0, 3, 10]; // set rope length to 10m at 3m/s
Example 2:
ropeUnwind [ropes heli1 select 0, 3, -5, true]; // decrease rope length by 5m at 3m/s

Additional Information

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Tajin - c
Posted on Nov 08, 2014 - 15:28 (UTC)
Unwinding speed is not linear but instead automatically accelerates at the beginning and slows down at the end.
The speed also only seems to have no effect when pulling the rope in. (unless the end of the rope is not attached to anything)
High unwinding speeds (over ~250) can cause your cargo to get stuck in midair.