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Sets how friendly a side is with another. The friendliness is set for one side, not for the other. See also Side Relations.
Arma 3
Since Arma 3 this command can be used mid-mission. Before that it was intended to be used on mission start only, as changing value during mission could cause unexpected errors in AI behaviour (especially for groups already knowing about "switched to enemy" groups).


side1 setFriend [side2, value]
side1: Side
side2: Side
value: Number - a value smaller than 0.6 results in being enemy, otherwise side1 is friendly to side2
Return Value:


Example 1:
west setFriend [resistance, 0]; // west will not like resistance from now on
Example 2:
resistance setFriend [east, 0]; east setFriend [resistance, 0]; // both are enemies resistance setFriend [east, 1]; east setFriend [resistance, 0]; // resistance likes east, but east does not like resistance
Example 3:
west setFriend [west, 0]; // free for all deathmatch! works with west/blufor, east/opfor, independent/resistance and civilian

Additional Information

See also:
getFriend BIS_fnc_sideIsFriendly BIS_fnc_sideIsEnemy Side Relations


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Ceeeb - c
Posted on Nov 30, 2007 - 11:25 (UTC)

Setting the civilian side to be the enemy of any other side will result in the other side attacking inanimate mission editor placed objects such as empty vehicles and static objects, since these objects belong to the civilian side.