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In Game UI Event Handlers trigger when user scrolls or activates in game action menu. Additionally a Boolean or Nothing is expected to be returned by the assigned code. If the assigned EH code returns true, default engine action is overridden. For all other available EHs see the main page.

Arguments were introduced with Arma 3 logo black.png1.50.

Related Commands


inGameUISetEventHandler ["Action", "hint 'Lights, Camera, Action!'"]; // add EH inGameUISetEventHandler ["Action", ""]; // remove EH


Class Description Arguments - since Arma 3 logo black.png1.50


Triggers on mouse wheel scroll up.

params ["_target", "_caller", "_index", "_name", "_text", "_priority", "_showWindow", "_hideOnUse", "_shortcut", "_visibility", "_eventName"];

  • Object - target object to which action is attached
  • Object - caller object, basically player
  • Number - index of the action in action menu (0 - top most)
  • String - engine based action name ("User" for user added actions)
  • String - localized action plain text as seen by the caller
  • Number - action priority value
  • Boolean - action showWindow value
  • Boolean - action hideOnUse value
  • String - action shortcut name or ""
  • Boolean - action menu visibility (on first scroll or action press the menu is still invisible, so no action is performed, only menu is shown)
  • String - EH event name


Triggers on action key press.


Triggers on mouse wheel scroll down.