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Used to internationalise text messages. The provided translation key is looked up in Stringtable.xml (or Stringtable.csv).


localize stringName
stringName: String - string which leads to localisation. Casing does not matter. Arma 3 logo black.png2.04 A string starting with "$" is supported
Return Value:
String - text found in corresponding entry in stringtable file. If the key could not be found an empty string "" is returned and an entry is added to .rpt file, for example String STR_DN_SNAKE not found


Example 1:
hint localize "STR_West"; // returns "BLUFOR" hint localize "STR_WEST"; // returns "BLUFOR" hint localize "STR_weSt"; // returns "BLUFOR" hint localize "STR_NonExistentString"; // returns "" and logs "String STR_NonExistentString not found"
Example 2:
hint format ["Go %1", localize "STR_Q_NORTH"]; // returns "Go North"
Example 3:
hint format [ localize "STR_ACTION_DROP_WEAPON", // "STR_ACTION_DROP_WEAPON" contains "Drop %1" localize "STR_SN_RIFLE" // "STR_SN_RIFLE" contains "Rifle" ]; // returns "Drop Rifle"
Example 4:
localize "$STR_USRACT_ADJUST"; // returns "Adjust" since Arma 3 v2.04

Additional Information

See also:
isLocalized diag_localized getTextRaw BIS_fnc_localize WFSideText parseText Stringtable.csv Stringtable.xml


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Killzone_Kid - c
Posted on Sep 12, 2014 - 11:55 (UTC)
The command localize will strip all HTML tags from your Stringtable.xml entries, however there is a way to trick it by substituting tags with HTML code instead:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
	<Original><![CDATA[<t color='#ff0000'>This doesn't work</t>]]></Original>
	<Original>&lt;t color='#ff0000'&gt;This works&lt;/t&gt;</Original>

hint parseText localize "str_test_kk"; // no change of colour hint parseText localize "str_test_kk2"; // hint content is in red