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Creates a structured text by parsing the given XML description. Do not use parseText when displaying a localized text from Stringtable.xml.
A detailed explanation of all formatting possibilities can be found at Structured Text.
StringsStructured Text


parseText text
text: String
Return Value:
Structured Text


Example 1:
private _Stxt = parseText "First line<img image='data\isniper.paa'/><br/>Second line";
Example 2:
hintSilent parseText format["<t size='1.25' font='Zeppelin33' color='#ff0000'>%1 lives remaining.</t>", 12];
Example 3:
private _clickableLink = parseText "<a href=''>A3</a>";

Additional Information

See also:
Structured Text composeText text localize ctrlSetStructuredText


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Posted on 1 September 2016
To convert a structured text back to a string type, just use:
_str = str parseText _structuredText;
Posted on 2017-09-01 - 13:23 (UTC)
If you are parsing user-defined strings like player names, you may want to convert special characters to their XML entities as a precaution beforehand, otherwise the result might be corrupted.
private _escapeXML = { _this regexReplace ["&", "&amp;"] regexReplace ["<", "&lt;"] regexReplace [">", "&gt;"] regexReplace ['"', "&quot;"] regexReplace ["'", "&apos;"] }; private _name = '<A&M> Paul "Bear" Bryant'; private _escapedName = _name call _escapeXML; private _redName = parseText format ["<t color='#ff0000'>%1</t>", _escapedName];
Samatra - c
Posted on Oct 13, 2023 - 12:02 (UTC)
Here is a useful script snippet to safely use angled braces and ampersand in structured texts:
_string regexReplace ["&", "&amp;"] regexReplace ["<", "&lt;"]