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Converts any value into a string, depending on its type. If an Object has a vehicleVarName, it is returned (see Example 4).
Before Arma 3 logo black.png1.64 this command did not escape a String's double quotes "" properly.


str value
value: Anything
Return Value:
String - if value is a String, double quotes "" will surround it (see Example 3)


Example 1:
_s = str (5 + 2); // The value of _s is the string "7"
Example 2:
a = []; ac = 0; while { ac < 5 } do { ac = count a; a set [ac, format ["Index %1", ac]]; }; hintSilent str a; // hints all of ["Index 0","Index 1","Index 2","Index 3","Index 4"] including brackets, quotes and commas
Example 3:
str [0, 0, 0] == "[0, 0, 0]"; // false str [0, 0, 0] == "[0,0,0]"; // true str "a"; // """a""" count str "a"; // 3 str text "a"; // "a" count str text "a"; // 1
Example 4:
str objNull; // "<NULL-object>" str player; // e.g "B Alpha 1-1:1 (PlayerName)" player setVehicleVarName "PlayerUnit"; str player; // "PlayerUnit"

Additional Information

See also:
toArray toString isText select count find endl format formatText


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Sbsmac - c
Posted on Sep 29, 2009 - 20:17 (UTC)
When applied to a unit, this returns the variable name that was assigned to the unit in the editor (see also vehicleVarName). For example, if you have created a playable unit with the name 'thePlayer' then you can use 'str player' to return "thePlayer".