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Converts the supplied Array of Numbers into a String through Unicode characters representation conversion, or provided Code to compilable String.


toString array
array: Array of Numbers
If array contains non-number values, the following error might appear in .rpt file: Bad conversion: scalar. See parseSimpleArray for multi-type array.
Return Value:
String - Unicode numbers converted to String of characters

Alternative Syntax

toString code
code: Code
Return Value:
String - compilable String from provided code


Example 1:
hint toString [65,97,338]; // returns "AaŒ"
Example 2:
["test", "test"] joinString toString [12345] splitString toString [12345]; // ["test", "test"]
Example 3:
private _compilableString = toString { hint "it works!" }; hint _compilableString; // hints ' hint "it works!" ' sleep 2; call compile _compilableString; // hints ' it works! '

Additional Information

See also:
parseSimpleArray set resize reverse select in find toArray forEach count deleteAt deleteRange append sort param params arrayIntersect splitString joinString toLower toUpper toFixed endl format formatText toLowerANSI toUpperANSIUnicode Character Table


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DreadedEntity - c
Posted on Feb 10, 2015 - 21:05 (UTC)
Tabs and new lines can be created with toString [9] and toString [10], respectively. Alternatively, a new line can also be created with toString [92,110] ("\n"). If you save these strings into a variable, they can be manipulated like any other string. For example, the following code will work just fine and return the expected output:
_tab = toString [9]; for "_i" from 0 to 3 do { _tab = _tab + (toString [9]); }; copyToClipboard format ["x%1x",tab];
Killzone_Kid - c
Posted on Aug 25, 2015 - 09:58 (UTC)
While you can convert any String to Array with toArray command, only numbers from 1 to 55295 (not 65535 as expected) can be successfully converted to String with toString and then back to Array with toArray without loss of data.