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Function used for the Virtual Arsenal. The function features four different modes, each mode comes with its own parameters.
If Arsenal is launched within the first second from the mission start, the unit loadout will be randomised.


[mode, params] call BIS_fnc_arsenal
mode: String - mode, can be one of:
  • "Open" - opens the Arsenal
  • "Preload" - preloads item configs, without preloading the configs are parsed the first time it is opened
  • "AmmoboxInit" - adds a virtual ammobox. Action to access the Arsenal will be added automatically to all clients
  • "AmmoboxExit" - remove virtual ammobox
params: Anything - mode parameters:
  • "Open": [full, cargo, center]
  • "Preload": no parameters
  • "AmmoboxInit": [ammobox, allItems, condition]
    • ammobox: Object - Object which should get a virtual ammobox
    • allItems: Boolean - (Optional, default false) true to make all items available
    • condition: Code - (Optional, default { true }) condition for the Arsenal to be accessible. Available arguments are the same as in addAction's condition parameter:
      • _target: Object - object to which the action is attached or, if the object is a unit inside of vehicle, the vehicle
      • _this: Object - caller person to whom the action is shown (or not depending on condition)
      • _originalTarget: Object - original object to which the action is attached, regardless if the object/unit is in a vehicle or not
  • "AmmoboxExit": [ammobox]
Return Value:


Example 1:
Opens Arsenal with all items:
["Open", [true]] call BIS_fnc_arsenal;
Example 2:
Preloads Arsenal's config:
["Preload"] call BIS_fnc_arsenal;
Example 3:
Adds full Arsenal to the player object and makes the action available when the player is closer than 10 meters from ammoBox:
["AmmoboxInit", [ammoBox, true, { _this distance _target < 10 }]] call BIS_fnc_arsenal;
Example 4:
Removes Arsenal from player object:
["AmmoboxExit", player] call BIS_fnc_arsenal;

Additional Information

See also:
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