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Fires virtual mortar/artillery fire support.


[target, ammo, radius, rounds, delay, conditionEnd, safezone, alt, speed, sounds] spawn BIS_fnc_fireSupportVirtual
target: Position, Object or String - target position, can be object, position or marker name
ammo: String - (Optional, default "Sh_82mm_AMOS") ammunition to be used (if left empty, Sh_82mm_AMOS ammunition will be used)
radius: Number - (Optional, default 100) radius of target area in meters
rounds: Number - (Optional, default 10) number of rounds to be fired
delay: Array or Number - (Optional, default 10) delay between rounds
conditionEnd: Code - (Optional, default { false }) condition to end bombardment before all rounds are fired
safezone: Number - (Optional, default 0) safezone radius - minimal distance from the target position where shells may be directed at
alt: Number - (Optional, default 250) altitude where the shell will be created
speed: Number - (Optional, default 150) descending velocity, in m/s. Default is 150, if you use flare as ammo, set it to lower value (1-5) to let it fall down slowly
sounds: Array of Strings - (Optional, default [""]) sounds to be played on the incoming shell
Return Value:
Boolean - true if successful


Example 1:
[BIS_Player, "Sh_82mm_AMOS", 100, 24, 10] spawn BIS_fnc_fireSupportVirtual;
Example 2:
[[3600, 3600, 0], nil, 100, 24, 10] spawn BIS_fnc_fireSupportVirtual;
Example 3:
[BIS_Player, nil, 100, 24, 10, {dayTime > 20}, 50] spawn BIS_fnc_fireSupportVirtual;

Additional Information

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