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Loop stacked code/function with timing and conditional control. Code and conditions are executed in non-scheduled environment.
Program Flow


[action, parameters] call BIS_fnc_loop
action: String - can be one of:
  • "initialize" - Initializes game loop (not required as internal AUTO_INITIALIZE variable is set to true)
  • "terminate" - Terminates game loop (required as internal AUTO_TERMINATE variable is not set to true)
  • "itemAdd" - Adds an item to loop
  • "itemRemove" - Remove item from loop with id "uniqueId"
  • "onEachFrame" - internally used by "initialize"
  • "itemExecute" - internally used by "onEachFrame"
parameters: Array - used with "itemAdd" and "itemRemove" action ("itemRemove" only takes id):
  • id: String - loop unique id
  • code: Code or String - code to be executed
  • timer: Number - (Optional, default 0) delay between executions
  • timerType: String - (Optional, default "seconds") can be "seconds" or "frames"
  • conditionStart: Code - (Optional, default { true }) will wait until the condition is met to start the code
  • conditionEnd: Code - (Optional, default { false }) stops the loop as soon as the ending condition is met (after the end of code)
  • executeOnce: Boolean - (Optional, default false)
Return Value:


Example 1:
// hints time every five seconds ["itemAdd", ["uniqueId", { hint str time; }, 5]] call BIS_fnc_loop;
Example 2:
// removes stacked loop with id of uniqueId ["itemRemove", ["uniqueId"]] call BIS_fnc_loop;
Example 3:
// hints time every frame after BIS_variable is assigned ["itemAdd", ["uniqueId", { hint str time; }, nil, nil, { !isNil { BIS_variable } }]] call BIS_fnc_loop;
Example 4:
// hints time every five seconds after BIS_variable is assigned ["itemAdd", ["uniqueId", { hint str time; }, 5, "seconds", { !isNil { BIS_variable } }]] call BIS_fnc_loop;
Example 5:
// hints time every frame ["itemAdd", ["uniqueId", { hint str time; }]] call BIS_fnc_loop;
Example 6:
// remove item from loop with id "uniqueId" ["itemRemove", ["uniqueId"]] call BIS_fnc_loop;

Additional Information

See also:
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