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PMC (Snake Man)

Snake Man

Other various...


Snake Man organized PMC in 1984, some other "activities" of our organization will not concern the casual BI wiki reader. Before Operation Flashpoint we were involved with Rainbow Six, Rogue Spear and Falcon 4.0 simulations. We did active multiplayer LAN gatherings and mission editing, in Falcon 4.0 side PMC is today the leading expert on developing Theaters for it. We have released Afghanistan, Europe (1985 Cold War), Operation Desert Storm, Nevada, Korea 128, Taiwan, Georgia, Kurile, Libya and Vietnam theaters so far.


We have been involved with Operation Flashpoint since its first news bits got into internet. While other mod groups focused on delivering addons and modifications of units and vehicles according to a certain theme, PMC concentrated on delivering missions, campaigns, islands, Vietnam mod and editing tools to the OFP community.

PMC Tactical web site and forum contains a lot of information about our work, mostly its Falcon 4 related but there is also tons of material on the WrpTool forum area. We have screenshots and war stories for OFP which is interesting to see. Our forum includes general editing area for OFP, so its not just WRP editing based. If you are looking for stable site for editing discussions and help, check out PMC Tactical.

The campaigns were the most noticeable production of PMC in the early days, it all started with PMC Fury which to this date is the largest user made campaign for OFP. Our campaigns use the most common addons with the exception of PMC Fury which uses only default BIS units.


PMC is well known for its editing, being it mission/campaign making, addons or tutorials for addon makers.

We host now PMC Editing Wiki which covers ArmA, Arma 2, Arma 3, Falcon 4 and OFP. From there you will find almost anything you can think of relating to editing, we have included very good tutorials for texture merging and improving your 3D models etc.

PMC OFP Releases


  • PMC Armoured
  • PMC Beach Head (and 2)
  • PMC Colonel Hunt
  • PMC CE 1
  • PMC Conflict
  • PMC Defend Meaux
  • PMC Evac
  • PMC Hercules Rescue
  • PMC Mozart Classic SEAL Team
  • PMC NATO Convoy
  • PMC Night Raid
  • PMC OP Liberty
  • PMC POW Camp
  • PMC Saints and Sinners
  • PMC Search and Rescue (and 2)
  • PMC Shittysemper
  • PMC Shootout
  • PMC Sniper Alley
  • PMC Spear
  • PMC Strike Eagle

only to list a few...


  • PMC Fury
  • PMC Ranger Path
  • PMC Command Campaign
  • PMC Joint Justice
  • PMC Heros Path


  • PMC Rattler 25km
  • PMC Rugen 25km
  • PMC SmallVille
  • AEC all BIS islands combined



PMC ArmA Releases


  • PMC Apache
  • AGS Buildings
  • AGS Industrial Pack
  • AGS Harbor kit
  • AGS Roads


  • PMC First Fight
  • PMC Cmp1 (unnamed)


  • PMC WRP Demo islands
  • PMC AEC islands
  • CAT/AGS Afghanistan