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Project UK Forces


2D Messiah, BennyBoy, Jtec, Chris, Orson, Jaguar
3D swift88, Messiah, BennyBoy, Jtec, Chris, Tim, Orson, Jaguar
Missions Rhodite
Other Shifty,
Betatest VOLCBAT
External Huey (aka Tankieboy), PE4, Jonny_LI, da12thMonkey
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Project: UK Forces (UKF) is a team dedicated to creating addons that represent the personnel and equipment of the armed forces of the United Kingdom, within OFP: Resistance and more recently its successor ArmA. They pride themselves on the accuracy of their addons, sourcing a large team of ex and current service advisors to aid them.


UKF was founded in November 2002 by Bibmi, Marsuitor, Vade_101 and Viking (all now retired from UKF). These four set about bringing realistic UK forces to the world of Operation Flashpoint using the newly released Oxygen tools. Soon after, Deliltmon and Jonno were to join the team (also now retired). Over the years these original members, boosted by the recruitment of many of the current members, started creating the basis of what UKF is today.

Operation Flashpoint: Resistance

Project UK Forces have now ceased project work for Operation Flashpoint and have moved on to Armed Assault. We aim to improve on our work from OFP to begin a new level of quality of British addons. Below you can find links to the projects we released to the community for OFP.

Released: Troops

Released: Weapons

Released: Wheeled Vehicles

Released: Armoured Vehicles

Released: Joint Releases


Diemaco Pack 1.0
Land Rover WMIK 2.0
UK Weapons 2.0
Land Rover WMIK 2.0

Armed Assault


ukf aalogosml.jpg

UKF is currently, making progress with content for Armed Assault. Rest assured that we've already made significant steps towards our first few planned releases, and that the team believes the graphical and scripting capabilities of the ArmA engine will allow us to create British equipment with a level of detail detail and functionality that could only be imagined in OFP.

The transition to Armed Assault has allowed the team to reassess its working arrangements with other addon groups. Primarily, P:UKF has taken this opportunity to consolidate its long-standing affiliation with RKSL Studios in a way that will see knowledge and resources shared for our mutual benefit, and has already resulted in tasks such as UV mapping and config writing shared between the two teams. We hope this arrangement will result in better integration between the addons representing British ground forces produced by UKF, and the British air and naval assets that RKSL and their partners focus on developing.


We are looking for people with a good level of commitment, a passion for British Kit, and a high degree of skill in thier area of expertise. Ideally applicants will be multiskilled, but it isn't a requirement. Specific jobs we are looking to recruit people are as follows:

  • Scripter:

The position of scripter will require indepth knowledge of the game engine and scripting system. In addition, you will also be expected to tackle the creative side of scripting, taking the initiative on various projects that represent the vehicle and weapon systems in use by British Forces, and adding in scripted features where appropriate.

Multiplayer stability and performance is a must for UKF addons (we learnt the hard way in OFP), and applicants are advised to familiarise themselves with this side of scripting.

  • Config Writer:

We're looking for someone competant with the config side of addons, including the ability to write model.cfg's. In this role, you will help to take the load off the rest of the team, leaving us to concentrate on the modelling and texturing side of things. Applicants must know thier way around a config blindfolded, as we're looking for you to be the expert!

  • Animator:

We're after a skilled animator to help with various animation tasks, encompassing all types of addons. Ideally, the applicant will be able to take animations all the way from the toolset and into the game independantly - we wouldn't be advertising if we were any good at this ourselves!

We are also open to the applications of anyone with modelling or texturing skills, however, applicants will have to meet UKF standards. Please be prewarned that we are not taking applications for the positions of "Beta Tester", "PR manager", "Screenshot Taker", "Mission Maker", and various other doss jobs that if need doing, are done by other team members who also serve much more useful purposes. We also reserve the right to reject an applicant on any basis, in particular, having a good working relationship with the rest of the team is of high value to us.

We have no issues with potential applicants who wish to, or currently work for other addon teams. Some of our current developers work for several addon teams and this has never been an issue for UKF. All potential applicants should have a good grasp of English and be passionate about their work. Examples of previous work are essential!

Applicants are advised to visit our forum, and either post in the appropriate section, or contact a team member via the Private Messaging system.

Current Projects

This is a list of UKF projects for ArmA that have begun their development cycle. All projects listed are currently at varying levels of development.

  • Infantry
  • Weapons
  • Land Rovers (Wolf, WMIK, Pulse, Snatch etc)
  • CVR(T) (Scimitar, Spartan, Sultan etc)
  • MAN HX and SX series trucks
  • Warrior
  • MLRS
  • FV432 (including Bulldog)
  • Mastiff
  • AS90
  • Pinzgauer Vector

Released: Wheeled Vehicles


Land Rover WMIK
Challenger 2
Up-armoured Bulldog
SA80 rifles


P:UKF Homepage

UKF addons at Got Flashpoint?

UKF Affiliates

1982: Flashpoint in the Falklands

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