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Animates a door on a vehicle. Animation is defined in config file in CfgVehicles -> AnimationSources. Wanted animation phase is set with phase param. This command works only on animation sources with "door" controller. Door_L in the example below can be animated with animateDoor but not CargoRamp_Open: heli animateDoor ["Door_L", 1];
animateDoor phase param will be rounded: anything >0.5 will be rounded to 1 and <=0.5 will be rounded to 0. Therefore it is not possible to open a door half way with this command

class AnimationSources
	class CargoRamp_Open
		source = "user";
		animPeriod = 5;
		initPhase = 0;
	class Door_L
		source = "door";
		animPeriod = 1.6;
To animate doors or other sources that have "user" controller, use animate command, or even better, animateSource (recommended). Sources with "hit" controller can be animated with setHitPointDamage command applied to the name contained in hitpoint property. For availability of animation sources and their controller types see: Arma 3: createVehicle/vehicles


object animateDoor [doorname, phase, instant]
object: Object
doorname: String
phase: Number
instant: Boolean - (Optional, default false) when true and phase is either 0 or 1, door will change phase instantaneously
Return Value:


Example 1:
Taru animateDoor ["Door_1_source", 1];
Example 2:
Open left front door on Ifrit instantly:
Ifrit animateDoor ["Door_LF", 1, true];

Additional Information

See also:
doorPhase setFaceAnimation animate animationPhase animateSource animationSourcePhase animationNames


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