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Process an animation of the object. If animate uses class name from CfgModels Animations, animateSource uses name defined by the source property. AnimationSources can animate multiple animate Animations. AnimationSource is defined in CfgVehicles' AnimationSources (see Arma 3: createVehicle/vehicles).
Arma 3
It is recommended that animateSource command is used instead of animate whenever is possible, as it is more efficient and optimized for MP
Mixing animateSource command with animate command to animate the same part may produce some undefined behaviour.


object animateSource [source, phase, speed]
object: Object
source: String - common source
phase: Number - wanted animation phase
speed: Boolean or Number - (Optional, default false)
  • Boolean - when set to true, animation is instant
  • Arma 3 logo black.png1.66 Number > 0 is treated as config speed value multiplier. Since Arma 3 logo black.png2.10 values <= 0 will instantly reset animation to initPhase.
Return Value:


Example 1:
house animateSource ["Door_1_source", 1, true];
Example 2:
Create UGV and manipulate its turret (Not possible to do with animate command. See Arma 3: createVehicle/vehicles for reference)
ugv = "B_UGV_01_F" createVehicle (player getRelPos [5, 0]); ugv addAction ["Show Turret", { ugv animateSource ["Turret", 0]; ugv animateSource ["MainTurret", rad 0, true]; ugv animateSource ["MainGun", rad 0, true]; }]; ugv addAction ["Hide Turret", { ugv animateSource ["Turret", 1] }]; ugv addAction ["Turret Left", { ugv animateSource ["MainTurret", rad 90] }]; ugv addAction ["Turret Right", { ugv animateSource ["MainTurret", -rad 90] }]; ugv addAction ["Turret Up", { ugv animateSource ["MainGun", rad 30] }]; ugv addAction ["Turret Down", { ugv animateSource ["MainGun", -rad 20] }];
Example 3:
barGate animateSource ["Door_1_sound_source", 1]; // Open barGate animateSource ["Door_1_sound_source", 0]; // Close
Example 4:
Open/close Bar Gate automatically:
// Bar Gate init if (isServer) then { private _gateTrigger = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", getPosWorld this, false]; _gateTrigger setVariable ["BarGateObj", this]; _gateTrigger setTriggerActivation ["ANYPLAYER", "PRESENT", true]; _gateTrigger setTriggerArea [5, 25, getDir this, true]; _gateTrigger setTriggerStatements [ "this", "thisTrigger getVariable 'BarGateObj' animateSource ['Door_1_sound_source', 1]", "thisTrigger getVariable 'BarGateObj' animateSource ['Door_1_sound_source', 0]" ]; };

Additional Information

See also:
animationSourcePhase setFaceAnimation animate animationPhase animateDoor doorPhase animationNames


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