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ArcTangent of y/x. Used to determine the angle of a vector [y,x]. Result in Degrees between -180 and 180.

This command can handle x being 0, unlike when using atan, and will return 90

Even though this command is a binary operator just like select command, it has higher precedence than select command, therefore the following expression:
_pos select 0 atan2 (_pos select 1)
will produce an error. The correct usage in this case will be:
(_pos select 0) atan2 (_pos select 1)
Alternatively, consider using the # operator:
_pos#0 atan2 _pos#1

Math - Geometry


y atan2 x
y: Number
x: Number
Return Value:


Example 1:
_yx = [5,3]; _degrees = (_yx select 0) atan2 (_yx select 1); // 59.0362
Example 2:
Get direction from _obj1 to _obj2:
_vd = getPosASL _obj2 vectorDiff getPosASL _obj1; _dir = (_vd select 0) atan2 (_vd select 1); // _dir range from -180 to +180 _dir = (_dir + 360) % 360; // _dir range from 0 to 360
Example 3:
Get relative direction from _obj1 to _obj2:
_yx = _obj1 worldToModel getPosASL _obj2; _dir = (_yx select 0) atan2 (_yx select 1); // _dir range from -180 to +180 _dir = (_dir + 360) % 360; // _dir range from 0 to 360

Additional Information

See also:
atan tan sin cos asin acos rad pi vectorCos getPos getRelPos Math Commands


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Posted on 08:00, 18 November 2009
To get the direction of an object from the player:
_dir = ((getPos _obj select 0) - (getPos player select 0)) atan2 ((getPos _obj select 1) - (getPos player select 1)); //_dir will be from -180 to 180.
If positive values are needed then use:
if (_dir < 0) then {_dir = _dir + 360};
Or just use BIS_fnc_dirTo directly.